Gina van der Werf founded Prodaptive. She holds a masters degree in Industrial design engineering and has been involved in several sports design projects in the past. Her passion is snowboarding and coaching. In the winter of 2009-2010, spending a season working as an instructor for Whistler-Blackcomb, she got involved with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, teaching snowboard lessons to guests with several disabilities.screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-40-40

“Some people are told their only option is sit-ski, that snowboarding is impossible for them. That bothered me. I want to prove the
re is so much more possible with adaptive snowboarding than most people can imagine”




Laura Klauss has been involved in the sit-down snowboard project as a freelance design engineer since 2011, fresh out of university. By now her engineering and 3DCAD skills are getting famous as she has already won the public vote in last years KIVI engineer of the year awards. Also check out some more of her work at Better Future Factory, the company she co-founded to turn even more of her ideals into reality.


Past projects:


Tim Helming joined the company in July 2012, after graduating on the adaptive snowboard project. He holds a bachelors degree in human movement technology. Tim has Spina bifida (L4 level) and uses a wheelchair in daily life, he is the first sit-down snowboarder using the product. In his free time he volunteers at an adaptive scouts group in the Netherlands. He now works at Vicair.

Michelle Hoogwout – Graduation project on chairlift access, Mechanical Engineering (Delft University of Technology)

Bart Peeters – Internship project on the beginner model, Industrial Design Engineering

Yiannis Anastasiadis, Koen Haest, Michael Jenkins, Maarten Langbroek, Tom Leenders -Advanced Embodiment Design project, Industrial Design Engineering- exploration of mechanism and prototyping

Karlijn Knitel, Jimmy Esser, Niels van Linden – Sportsinnovation Minor project, Industrial Design Engineering- exploration of mechanism and prototyping

Tim Helming – Graduation Project – exploration of mechanism and prototyping

Sitski Binding

Leander Rutten, Davey Vink, Bram van Trigt – P7 project, Industrial Product Design (the Hague University)