Ridderrennet, Norway

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Every year the village of Beitostolen is host for the annual ridderrennet, an adaptive ski, snowboard and cross-country ski event. We visited the Funkis’ snowboard club with the rig, where the instructors, some of the Funki’s kids and also off course some of the sit skiers had a go at sit snowboarding.



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  1. Dana

    How does the snowboard not flip over backwards.
    Is this ski clinic open to US participants

    • Djiena

      Hi Dana, I just retrieved your comment amongst a huge amount of spam, so unfortunately we missed it initially. Catching an edge can happen, and it can be just as nasty as it is in stand-up snowboarding or sit skiing (but not really worse). However when you learn to ride the rig your instructor can help prevent this until you get a good feel for the edges and how to balance yourself (which is not that hard actually, lots of riders can balance and sideslip independently within an hour of practice).
      Some people tell us they would like “side wheels” but we don’t use those because if students don’t fall and stop but continue speeding downhill they’ll be exposing themselves and their environment to much greater risk.
      We’re not yet selling in the US, but you’re more than welcome to come and try it at any time in one of our year round indoor slopes in Holland