Welcome to the Prodaptive website!

We’re very pleased to announce Twinrider. It’s the worlds first sit-down snowboard that allows independent riding, a true board sports sideway stance and full control over board performance in both carving and skidding turns.



About Prodaptive

Our mission is to facilitate people in exploring and expanding their boundaries in snow sports.

Product development

We develop adaptive sports gear. Focussing on boardsports we’ve developed an adaptive snowboard as a new alternative beside sit ski. An adaptive (wave) surf board was made for the dutch surf association by modifying a lifeguard rescue board.


(photo by I SeaYou)


We provide lessons and coaching in adaptive snowboarding, and training for instructors who are interested in teaching with the twinrider.


Sales and rentals

Apart from adaptive snowboarding Prodaptive B.V. runs a splitboard rental service and shop for those who want to venture out into the backcountry under the name Splitit. Check us out at splitboardshop.nl (in dutch)

For people interested in renting a twinrider, we’ll be setting up an EU based rental service for this purpose soon as well. For now contact us directly for custom rental of adaptive gear